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Carbon/KDF water filter systemCounter-top water filter

What Makes a Good Water Filter?

Low cost. Wide protection. Local availability. Easily portable. Here are some suggestions to help achieve cleaner drinking water.

Carbon removes:

1 Micron Filter Pad removes:

KDF removes:

Activated Alumina removes:

Dual water filter system
Dual counter-top filter cartridges

Dual Filter Housing

A family having larger consumption demands, can benefit from a second housing, increasing a filter's life span to 1600 gallons when treating chlorinated municipal water. More activated carbon equals more filtering capacity.

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Some filter media is tested:
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Easy Installation

water diverter valve

A "button type" diverter valve, shown here, attaches directly to your sink's faucet, thus enabling redirection between regular tap water or filtered water, offering quick a hook-up for simple mobility when traveling.

See: Counter Top installation Guide

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

carbon block filter

Carbon Filter Standard 9.75" filter cartridges make it easier to find local replacements at most home hardware stores.

  • Carbon block
  • 1 Micron Filter Pad
carbon kdf water filter

"Off the shelf" filter media such as KDF can target specific contamination concerns.

  • 1 Micron Filter Pad
  • 15% Activated alumina
  • 15% KDF
  • 70% GAC Carbon

Estimated lifespan, 6-12 months, approximately 800 gallons when treating typical chlorinated municipal water.

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Updated: Sept 11 2018