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Biostone .1 micron feature listBiostone .1 micron filter

BioStone Plus Replacement Filters for Water Ionizers

Biostone Plus .1 micron filter uses Carbon, KDF and Tourmaline. Here's a list of features:

Replacement Filters: Melody, Venus, Aquarius, Orion, Neptune and Microlite Water Ionizers.

Biostone .1 micron water Ionizer Filter Replacement Replacement Filter

BioStone .1 micron carbon replacement filter cartridge for Melody, Venus, Aquarius, Orion, Microlite, Mavello, Neptune. Minimum life span 1000 gallons.

For Treated Municipal/City Water

Biostone .01 micron water Ionizer Filter Replacement

BioStone .01 micron carbon replacement filter cartridge for Melody, Venus, Aquarius, Orion, Microlite, Mavello, Neptune. Minimum life span 660 gallons.

For Well Water, Hyper-Allergenic Issues

Biostone Ultra .01 Micron - Filter Replacement

Biostone .01 micron water Ionizer Filter ReplacementBiostone Ultra .01 micron Filter

TheBiostone Ultra Filter contains layers of calcium with magnesium plus tourmaline, plus activated carbon that targets chloramineExit Site (unique to Jupiter and EmcoTech water ionizers). The calcium is Japanese premium grade. It not only helps to slightly remineralize the water but also naturally sweetens the water and changes volatile fluorineExit Site molecules into a benign compound (calcium fluoride).

As the water passes over tourmaline crystals the oxygen reduction potential (ORP) is naturally decreased, making the water made more bio-available. What this means is if water passes through your Jupiter - even with the power turned off - the water will come out more ionized.

BioStone Plus .1 micron Contains No Silver.

Biostone Ultra .01 Micron - Carbon and Hollow Filter Fibers

Silver is impregnated into the carbon, working to prevent the growth of bacteria. Because it's bonded, or impregnated, into the carbon, the silver does not leach into the water. Tests done by the Seoul Department of Health show that no silver is released from these filters.

Cross section of hollow membrane filter Hollow filter fiber

The hollow membrane filter type, used in kidney dialysis, is the finest (smallest micron) domestic filter available, removing virtually everything except for alkalizing minerals. The .01M Biostone filter is designed for well water use and addressing hyper-allergies.

The picture here shows a single .01M filter fiber magnified 40 times. Hundreds of these are in a Biostone Ultra Filter.

National Science Foundation logo mark
National Science Foundation
KDF-55™certified ANSI#177
Carbon Grading Standards

For treated city water the .1M Biostone filter is recommend.

Biostone filter media is reported to contain filter media that meets National Science Foundation standards.

If you live in a an area that has high levels of minerals, typical in the US southwest, some well waters, etc., and your water ionizer is running at a reduced rate, then mineral build-up issues maybe the cause. If this happens, then ionizer dealers will recommend pumping vinger through the unit by using a small aquarium type pump. Also, consider the use of a standard carbon filter and housing.

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Updated: Sept 16 2015