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Clean Water Health Tips

Symptoms of Dehydration
Exercising during warm weather, and salt imbalance issues of the elderly.

Water Prescription
Water: Affordable way to stay healthy?

Guide To Water Contaminates
Toxins found in drinking water. Common drinking water contaminates.

Well Water Contamination
Rural areas are not immune from groundwater toxic waste plumes.

Why Filter Chlorine From Your Shower?
Steaming water forces chlorine into the air. Breathing chlorine is not recommended.

Testing Water Quality
Find out what's in our drinking water.

Chlorination in Drinking Water
Chlorine protects against bacterial and viral illness, however it's carcinogenic effects healthy tissues.

Acidosis / Alkalosis - Disease Research Blood pH can vary widely from pH 6.5 to 7.5. Research shows how mild alkalosis is an optimal state for human health.

Mineral Water Health Effects
"Hard water," contain calcium, and magnesium, two minerals that have been shown to offer positive health effects on bone growth.

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Acidosis / Alkalosis - Disease Research

Updated: Sept 16 2015