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Function of Ionized Water in Medical Treatments

Clinical Test Results presented at the 25th General Assembly of Japan Medical Congress, April 2 1999

Alkaline Ionized water is effective against constipation and diarrhea.

It was verified as being effective by the world’s first double blind clinical study.

Alkaline ionized water has been widely used in households since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law first approved it in 1965.  In the wake of increasing public interest in drinking water and health in recent years, medical and scientific verification of its effect has long been awaited.  As a result of our repeated clinical tests for the past 6 months, it was verified that alkaline ionized water is effective against various abdominal symptoms through the epoch making double blind studies conducted for the first time in the world that endorse the validity of the tests.

Dr. Testsuji Hokudou, Director of Gastroenterology, National Ohkura Hospital, presented it at the 25th General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress on April 2 1999 representing the Committee of Alkaline Ionized Water Electrolyzers.  This conference is the most prominent in Japan that has been held every 4 years since 1903.  This year the total number of attendees was 26,000 including 22,300 doctors.

The following symptoms were examined in the clinical tests; chronic diarrhea, constipation, abnormal intestinal fermentation, hyperchylia.

Results of preliminary open clinical tests:

Abdominal disorders

25 Volunteers who suffered from abdominal discomfort took 1 liter per day alkaline water for two weeks.  88% of them felt somewhat improved.  No one got worse.

52% somewhat improved, 24% improved, 12% much improved, 12% No change.


Alkaline ionized water and clean water was given to 163 volunteers who suffered from abdominal discomfort at the amount of 500ml per day for four weeks.

Overall rate of improvement was significantly higher for those who were given alkaline ionized water.

Alkaline ionized water was effective in 79% of the volunteers.  64.9% of the volunteers felt that clean water was effective.

Alkaline ionized water was ineffective in 21% of the volunteers.  35.1% of the volunteers felt that clean water was ineffective.


According to double blind clinical tests comparing effects against various disorders, alkaline ionized water showed significantly more cases of effective results against chronic diarrhea than clean water group.

Alkaline ionized water was effective in 94.1% of the volunteers.  64.7% of the volunteers felt that clean water was effective.

Alkaline ionized water was ineffective in 5.9% of the volunteers.  35.3% of the volunteers felt that clean water was ineffective.


As a result of comparative double blind clinical tests, alkaline ionized water was proved to be effective against constipation, and most importantly its’ safety was verified.  It is considered a departure for using medication where side effects are unavoidable to a certain extent.

The effectiveness of alkaline ionized water is very high at 80.5%, which is higher, although not significantly, than that of clean water.

Alkaline ionized water was effective in 80.5% of the volunteers.  73.7% of the volunteers felt that clean water was effective.

Alkaline ionized water was ineffective in 19.5% of the volunteers. 26.3% of the volunteers felt that clean water was ineffective.

Other research results released at the Congress stated that alkaline ionized water was proved effective against gastric mucosa disorders including gastric ulcer.

 It included a Q & A session with Dr. Toshikazu Yoshikawa, who stated " Despite my efforts to obtain negative data with suspicions on the test results, positive data is coming in.

"Most people get a sore stomach resulting in hemorrhagic erosion when they take antphlogistics such as aspirin and non steroidal drugs for about a week trying to fend off a cold.  However it is known that taking alkaline ionized water at the same time can suppress the erosion.  We made a presentation on a series of tests using rats where alkaline ionized water was confirmed to be effective against acute gastric mucosa disorders caused by non-steroidal antphlogistics that triggers ischemic reperfusion injury when it is given chronically for 2 weeks."

In request for a comment during the Q & A session, Sr. Yoshikawa said, with the full attention of the whole assembly:

"The tests I conducted revealed that chronic doses of alkaline ionized water can prevent inflammation of gastric mucosa.  The current issue is to find out its mechanism.  First of all, I assumed that alkaline ionized water works the same way as a conventional antacid against gastric acid."

However I also found that adding chlorine prevents inflammation, and temporary doses of alkaline ionized water is not effective.  In that sense, it is very interesting to me as a scientist, since I am getting positive data despite my intention to get negative data with suspicions on the test results.

Osteoporosis - Alkaline Ionized water helps promote osteogenesis

Kyoto University Graduate school of Medicine, Dept of Pathology

Tumor Biology Course, Associate Professor Rei Takahashi

Kyoto University school of Medicine, Professor Emeritus & Fukui Prefectural

University Dept of Nursing and Welfare, Dean Yoshinori Itokawa

Metabolic disorder of calcium is considered to be one of the causes of osteoporosis that has an increasing number of cases these days.  Therefore we conducted a series of tests by feeding rats with different amounts of calcium and gave them tap water, calcium lactate solution and alkaline ionized water at leisure.  According to examination of their bone and blood composition, osteogenesis rate was found in the ascending order of tap water, calcium lactate solution, and alkaline ionized water.

Especially under the condition of low calcium levels in the feed, alkaline ionized water was considered to great effects on improved osteogenesis.

Abdominal Distension - Alkaline ionized water suppresses abnormal entero-fermentaion

Gifu University, School of Agriculture, Dept of Dietary Science.

Professor Naoto Tsuga, associate Professor Junji Hayakawa

We conducted a series of tests, using rats, on the effect against abdominal distention that causes anorexia and intestinal fermentation that causes borborygmus, generation of gas and belching.

According to the tests, the weight of cecal contents was significantly reduced for the alkaline ionized water group.  In addition the amount of short link fatty acid in the cecal contents, an indictor of abnormal entero fermentation tends to significantly decline proving the effect of alkaline ionized water to suppress it.

Since alkaline ionized water contains considerable calcium, the above tests were conducted separately by groups of alkaline ionized water, alkaline calcium water and tap water.  The effects was distinct in alkaline ionized water group in descending order to alkaline calcium and tap water groups.

Japan Medical Congress sponsored 25th General Assembly of Japan Medical Congress.

Administered by:

Tokyo University School of Medicine, Tokyo Medial & Dental University School of Medicine, Chiba University school of Medicine, Keio University school of Medicine, Tokyo Jikeikai Medical University, Tokyo Women’s College of Medicine,.

Supported by:

Japan Medical Association, Japan Academic Conference, Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare, International Trade and Industry, Transportation, Posts & Communications, Labor, Construction, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, science a& Technology Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Gov.

Assisted by:

Japan Dental Association, Japan Dental Congress, Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japan Nursing Association., Japan Dieticians Association., Japan Clinical Hygienic Inspectors Association., Japan Radiologists Association.,

Japan Physiotherapists Association., Japan Ergotherapists assoc., Japan Nursing & Welfare Association., Japan Social Welfare Association., Japan Clinical engineering Association.,

Session period April 2-4 1999

Place Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo International Pavilion, Hotel Grand Pacific

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